Naomi’s Village – Hope is Rising

An amazing ministry, Naomi's Village has a passion and a mission to glorify God through serving Kenyan children by providing spiritual, physical and emotional healing, that they may grow to impact their world.

A Courtroom Drama – About a Right to Stand Your Ground

An Award winning film, STAND YOUR GROUND keeps you on the edge of your seat when Jackie Carpenter's (Francine Locke) son, Jason is falsely accused of murder. As a result of this terrifying experience and questioning her faith, she became an author.

God’s Global Family – A Call to Prayer

Prayer is needed as our Christian family across the globe continues to suffer persecution. We may feel worlds away, however God's family has no borders. SCH asks for your prayers for our Christian family in Kenya struggling against this terror.

Deadlock Forces Government Shutdown

The United States government has shut down for the first time in 17 years. A deadlock caused by ObamaCare between the House Republicans and Senate Democrats refuses to give way leading to a complete standstill.