Jealousy: The Ultimate Charade

In attempts to hide our insecurities and protect ourselves from the world, we put on masks to disguise the battles within. SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell declares a free life, finding security and truth in who we are created to be.

Enough With All The Drama

A significant number of organizations have what Phil Cooke calls an “office hysteric.” SCh Contributor Phil Cooke emphasizes the truth of building your discussion on the quality of its content, avoiding the argument and drama.

Living with Your Non-Christian Spouse – Part III

Patience is one of the most important characteristics to exhibit as you pray for your non-Christian spouse. SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr teaches that we must wait on the Lord and focus on living intentionally as we share the truth of Christ.

Living with Your Non-Christian Spouse – Part II

Marriage is extremely difficult at times, especially when you don't share the same faith. SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr encourages us to be realistic and remember the reasons why you got married, chances are there are some pretty convincing reasons.
mentoring outside the box

Mentoring Outside the Box

God brings the most unexpected people into our lives, people we otherwise would have perhaps never talked to. SCH Contributor Diane Paddison shares the story of such a man, mentoring outside the box, and the amazing work God did through their friendship.

The Dumbest Thing You Can Say To Your Wife

SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds addresses many problematic cultural issues within relationships, especially a man's view of his wife. He calls women to continue praying and men to start listening.