How To Deal With The Differences In Your Marriage- Part I

Compatibility is not measured by how many things you have in common, but is gauged by how you resolve the things that you don’t have in common. In other words, the real question is: how willing are you to work at solving your differences?

How Prayer Can Build Your Marriage- Part II

Pastor Steve Carr continues his series with two more benefits of praying with your spouse. However, it's not enough to know what to do, so Pastor Steve shares some practical tips on getting started and making the necessary changes.

How Prayer Can Build Your Marriage- Part I

How often do you pray with your spouse? If the answer is only at mealtimes, SCH Contributor Steve Carr provides expert advice on how you can deepen your relationship with your spouse and God through communal prayer.

Radical Generosity

God wants His grace to flow through all of our relationships. Our time, energy, and finances are just a few ways for us to display His relational grace. God's pure joy comes to those who are generous.

Safeguarding Your Marriage From Immorality – Part II

How do you stay committed in your relationship? SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr points out the path on which couples often stumble and offers essential steps for making a positive change in the direction of your marriage.