The Living Word- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

God reads the heart and knows the honest pursuit of His will by His children. If you become bewildered by circumstances in your life, the Lord can reorient you to Himself through the living Word of God.

Hunger and Thirst- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Righteousness is not merely an absence of sin. It is allowing God to fill us with His holiness. It is being like Christ. Jesus is our model of One who sought God’s righteousness first, and then the Father glorified Him.

The Fragrance of His Knowledge- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Everywhere we go, our lives should demonstrate to others that Christ is victorious. The most compelling evidence that Christ is alive and triumphant is His activity in the lives of His people. Your life ought to be convincing proof that God continues to work powerfully in the lives of His people.