Life’s Seasons- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

In God’s perfect design for our lives, He has planned for times of fruitfulness and activity. He will also build in times of quiet and rest. Just as it is with the seasons of nature, these seasons in our lives work together to bring about God’s perfect will for each one of us.

Sitting at Jesus’ Feet- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

It is good to want to serve Christ as an expression of love for what He has done for you. Yet when your activity consumes your time and energies so that you have no time for Him, you have become too busy! Jesus taught that your highest priority must be your relationship with Him.

Steadfast in Your Resolve- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

If you know what God wants you to do, set your sights resolutely toward that goal with full determination to accomplish it. Your resolve to go where God is leading ought to be evident to those around you. Once you have received a clear assignment from God, your response should be unwavering obedience.