flower garden outside a house - praying for patience

Learning To Pray For Patience

Have you learned how to be patient in your faith? SCH Contributor Darlene Sala details why learning to pray for patience is imperative for growing in our walk with the Lord.
cloudy blue sunset at the beach when you're grieving

Words For When You’re Grieving

Are there words for your soul when life breaks your heart? Darlene Sala is with us today for words for when you're grieving and the encouragement Jesus brings.
wooden row boat on the beach at sunset - handling money God's way

Handling Money God’s Way

The Bible says give to the poor & tithe to the church. Darlene Sala explores handling money God's way by studying Jesus' expectations of finances.
woman on couch hugging her knees - how I dress

Does It Matter How I Dress?

Fashion is a status symbol of success. Does God care about how I dress? SCH Contributor Darlene Sala encourages us to seek God's approval and not the world's.
pretty purple ranunculus in a vase on wooden table - growing older the Godly way

Growing Older The Godly Way

Do you wonder what God expects of us as we age? Join SCH Contributor Darlene Sala as she encourages us to growing old the godly way.
mountain scene with blue skies and pink flowers - how to be strong and courageous

How To Be Strong And Courageous

Do you need to be strengthened in your faith today? Join SCH contributor Darlene Sala on how to be strong and courageous with God.