know before you go. woman sitting in the soft sun next to her bike and a tree

Your Internal Purpose | Know Before You Go

We like to prepare for things in life: a birth, a party, a trip. There are things to know before you go and SCH contributor Eileen Koff shares how to know your purpose.
choosing your heavenly fragrance. spa and aromatherapy set with rose flowers mortar and spices

Choosing Your Heavenly Fragrance

Choosing your heavenly fragrance means making sure your character is upright & Godly. SCH Contributor Eileen Koff shares how to make sure our character is what it should be.
Two lawn chairs in a beautiful garden. devotional for an organized life

Devotional for an Organized Life

When your schedule & your home are jam-packed, it's hard to find room for Jesus. SCH Contributor Eileen Koff shares about simplifying your stuff & finding peace with a devotional for an organized life.
clearing the clutter to make room. dog accidentally dumps potted plants

Clearing the Clutter to Make Room for God

Clearing the clutter to make room for God invites peace into your home & your life. SCH contributor Eileen Koff reminds us that visual "noise" of clutter can hinder us from getting real things done.
beautiful aqua and white living room

5 Ways to Declutter Your Life and Organize Your Home

In this crazy, spinning-out-of-control world, you’ve probably uttered the words “I need to organize my life.” Time flies & before you know it, the day's over, you're plopped on the sofa, clutching a cup of coffee, looking around at the clutter, wondering how it got like this. SCH Contributor Eileen Koff shares top 5 tips to declutter your life and organize your home.