Repentance – Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Repentance involves a radical change of heart and mind in which we agree with God’s evaluation of our sin and then take specific action to align ourselves with His will. The evidence of repentance is not words of resolve, but a changed life.
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Friends of God – Experiencing God Daily Devotional

By His very nature God is a friend to us. He loves us with a perfect love and reaches out to us with salvation when we can offer Him nothing in return. If you cannot describe yourself as a friend of God, commit yourself to seek after God with all your heart.

Sitting at Jesus’ Feet- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

It is good to want to serve Christ as an expression of love for what He has done for you. Yet when your activity consumes your time and energies so that you have no time for Him, you have become too busy! Jesus taught that your highest priority must be your relationship with Him.