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Forsaken? – Time In The Psalms

In times of intense pain and disappointment, we can feel like God has forsaken us. SCH contributor, Pastor Jesse Bradley, shows us with Psalm 22 that God is always faithful and will deliver us from our pain!

The Truth about Consequences

SCH Contributor Allison Bottke affirms we must be willing to set healthy and appropriate boundaries, and to accept the consequences of those choices, whatever they may be.

What Your Heart Needs To Know About Your Feet

Do you feel a pull toward a place that isn't here? SCH contributor, Jennifer Dukes Lee, instills in us that true contentment will only be found in heaven, but we can see glimpses of eternity right where we are today!

Summer Break: A Vacation from Temptation?

Our society often turns summer breaks into a vacation from God. But there’s no vacation from temptation. SCH Contributor Kenny Luck reminds us to stand guard because the enemy never gives up.

The Secret to Forgiveness

Does forgiving others come easily to you? SCH Contributor and Life Coach Carolyn Dunn shares how she found freedom in letting go.

3 Steps To Overcoming Anger

Do you find yourself getting angry on a regular basis? SCH contributor @Sue Detweiler shows us how the Holy Spirit within us can overcome any root of anger that has taken control of our heart!