What the God of the Universe Says About You

Do you know what God says about you? SCH Contributor @AmyLayneLitzelman reminds us of the limitless love God has for us even if we stumble and fall. #encouragement #wordsofwisdom #faith

Like Crack for Christians

Can evil gain a foothold in your life? SCH Contributor @Michael K. Reynolds assures that your love and faithfulness to God protects you! #faith #encouragement

HOLY SHIFT! Do You Need to Make One?

Can you tailor Christianity to your life? SCH Contributor Kenny Luck affirms that it's the other way around – to shift our lives towards God's will for us is paramount.
beautiful Charles Bridge in Prague

Do You Need A Bridge To Cling To?

SCH contributor, Tricia Goyer, reminds us that God's love can reach us wherever we are! His amazing grace and relentless love will follow us to the ends of the Earth!