father of lights

Father of Lights – Movie Review

Father of Lights, Darren Wilson's third and final installment in his documentary trilogy, is a collection of unexpected moments revealing the character and nature of God. SCH Contributor, Kerwin Kuniyoshi gives us a fresh take on this amazing film.

Alone Yet Not Alone – Movie Review

Based on a true story, ALONE YET NOT ALONE recounts the faith and courage of a German-American immigrant family as they face hardship, loss and sorrow during the French and Indian War. SCH movie critic, Sharon Wilharm gives us insight.
final the rapture

Final The Rapture – Official Trailer

In what is becoming the most 'scariest Christian movie of the decade', the movie, ‘Final: The Rapture’ premiered to a packed audience that viewers described as ‘scary and stunning’.
season of miracles

Season of Miracles – Official Trailer

A uniquely compelling drama - SEASON OF MIRACLES will keep you glued to your seat. This film is about sportsmanship, friendship, and courage in the face of adversity.
amazing love

Amazing Love – Review

SCH Contributor - Andrew Adames gives a compelling review on a touching film AMAZING LOVE. A youth pastor shares the powerful story of Old Testament Prophet Hosea.