God Remembers- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

You may not realize how far you have drifted from God until you contrast the love you are expressing to Him now with that of earlier days. If your love for God is not as intense as it once was, return to Him. He will restore the intimate fellowship you once shared with Him.
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Victory Over Sin- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

If you find yourself falling into sinful habits or not grieving over your sin as you once did, this indicates that you are not abiding in Christ. Return to Him in repentance; restore your fellowship with Him, and you will once again experience victory over your sin.

Nature Shouts God’s Existence

When you spend time outside and you have that sense that God is with you and communicating through nature, don’t ignore it. Nature is actively declaring the goodness and glory of God. It is an extension of His grace to us in a tangible way.