bridge surrounded by beautiful purple flowers - god's unfailing love for us

God’s Unfailing Love for Us | Crazy Love

God's unfailing love for us is nothing short of the truth, but sometimes we wonder why He loves us. In this excerpt from "Crazy Love", Francis Chan talks about God's love for us, His reasons, and why He chose us as His "glorious inheritance".

God Loves You as You Are

Are you struggling to regain a joyful heart after suffering spiritual abuse? SCH Contributor Jack Watts teaches how restoration through His healing touch is possible because God loves you.
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Dealing with Your Sense of Guilt

Do you accept the lion's share of responsibility when things go wrong? SCH Contributor Jack Watts provides words of wisdom on moving toward a spiritual healthy state of being.

What the World Needs

Do you know someone who needs reminding of God's love? Are you that person? SCH Contributor Jennifer Dukes Lee teaches about the state of society and what the world needs to heal.

Christmas Hope

As we celebrate Christmas, SCH Contributor and Life Coach Carolyn Dunn guides us toward inspiration and hope for the New Year.