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The Round-About Way

Are you frustrated that things you want to happen seem to keep being put off? SCH Contributor Debbie Williamson shares how unanswered prayers can be a blessing.

Wisdom and Folly

God will guide you. You just have to pay attention to His signs.

Redeeming the Nations – Time in the Psalms

How can you align with God and His global purposes? SCH Contributor & Pastor Jesse Bradley reminds us to be an active participant in God's plan, welcoming people from other countries with Christian warmth and hospitality.

How to Have Faith in Your Future

Are you the person that plans for every possible outcome? SCH Contributor and Pastor Kenny Luck explains the pitfalls to over-planning and teaches how to put faith in your future.

When the Unexpected Strikes

Why does God allow you to experience pain? SCH Contributor & Pastor Kenny Luck explains how to come to terms with suffering and shares key points on how to find a place of peace and acceptance.