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Contentment is a Choice

"What if I could taste today and not worry about the obligations of tomorrow?" SCH Contributor, Heather Riggleman urges us to truly consider what we have in the here and now, to drink in all that today has to offer and to hold steady in the moment while the time is still ours to cherish.
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12 Tips For Cultivating Compassion In Your Kids

This is the example that is set before our children: It’s all about me. I need to be noticed, I need to be famous, I need the best, I need to be happy. So how do we, as moms, change that mindset in our children?

God Asks Us To Have A Single Focus

God wants us to give Him--and each other--our undivided attention. SCH contributor Heather Riggleman, an admitted multi-tasker, shares how this can be a challenge, especially for moms.

Teen Mom? Two Tips From Someone Who’s Been There

SCH contributor Heather has been there: Suddenly you go from being a teen, worried about what to wear to school, flipping burgers at McD’s, and now you wonder when you’ll get any sleep as your new baby fusses half the night?

A Different Way To Spin Through Life

In today's modern world, our lives tend to spin around technology. But Heather Riggleman asks, "What if our world spun around the Bible?" Jesus called his disciples out of jobs, funerals, parties; he called them to a life spun around him!
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Be There – How To Be The Mom You Want To Be

There are so many great things to enjoy in life, sometimes a bit too much. It’s up to us to protect the time we have with our children. Heather Riggleman shares how we can take the time out we need and be fully present for our children.