a homeschooling mother teaching her two sons - Be open to the path God has planned

Be Open to the Path God has Planned for You

Writer and Mother Jeney Pribyl has learned to be open to the path God has planned, for her own life and her family's. God has changed her perspective and led her to homeschool her children.

5 Rules to Keep Kids Engaged and Moms Sane

SCH Contributor Kimberly Kulp shares insight on how to keep kids entertained through the times you struggle to keep little movers and shakers occupied, especially during the holidays, long days indoors, or while you’re on the go outside of the house.

3 Keys To Homeschool Success

SCH Contributor Jessica Parnell shares 3 important factors to ensure homeschooling parents are doing the best job possible with their kids education.

Why Homeschooling Can Work for Working Parents

As a working parent have you automatically ruled out homeschooling your children? SCH Contributor Jessica Parnell shares great insight on how homeschooling is actually a viable option.
seeking smart shelter. mother and daughter camping on a sunny day

Seeking Smart Shelter

SCH Contributor Pastor Michael Hayward shares the importance of running to Jesus seeking smart shelter when the world gets to be too much and you feel like you’re drowning, spinning out of control, or feel just plain lost and distant.
Happy Mother and Toddler Play in Grass SCH

The Ten Commandments of Homeschooling – Part 2 of 10

Discover how too often we can seek to derive satisfaction, fulfillment, and identity from an image of family that we are intended to derive from God alone. In Pastor Haywards Series - The Ten Commandments of Homeschooling.