woman meditating peacefully on bride above beautiful, shining, blue body of water - politically incorrect jesus

The Politically Incorrect Jesus | Part III

"Certain influences have been so subtle...we’ve failed to recognize them for what they are." Author of "The Politically Incorrect Jesus", Joe Battaglia, shares how we have become blind to sin.
bible shaped into heart - politically incorrect jesus

The Politically Incorrect Jesus | Part II

"Why don’t we see more of heaven on earth?" SCH Contributor, Author and Radio Host Joe Battaglia challenges us and shares an excerpt from his enticing book, "The Politically Incorrect Jesus".
Father and son happily playing baseball outdoors and bonding - How to right a wrong with someone

The Pirate Ship | How to Right a Wrong With Someone

Because we all fall short of perfection and the glory of God, we can make mistakes and hurt others. Through the touching story of a father and his son, Joe Battaglia shares his insight on how to right a wrong with someone, even after many years have passed.

What’s One More? | Leaving an Honorable Legacy

One of the greatest joys of fatherhood is leaving an honorable legacy on your children through believing in their dreams. Radio host and author, Joe Battaglia, shares from his new book, "That's My Dad", how his own father left an incredible legacy on him, helping him achieve success.
Birds flying above the sea at sunset shadows red and orange water - True promises of God

True Promises of God

Behind the true promises of God, there is always a plan of action, even when we can't see it. When we feel lost or confused, trusting in God's promise will always bring us abundant blessings. In the story of Pam and Bob's son, trusting in the Lord's promise brought blessings to their family and the entire world!