Karen Abercrombie on Her Role as a Wise Woman of God in ‘War Room”

In the highly anticipated Kendricks Brothers movie 'WAR ROOM' Award-winning actress Karen Abercrombie beautifully portrays the role of Aunt Clara - an old soul, prayer warrior who teaches the younger generation how to fight evil with our most forceful weapon - the power of prayer! SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane Howard reports.

Interview: ‘War Room’ Star T.C. Stallings on Faith & Purpose

As a gifted man of God, T.C. Stallings is using his many talents to give glory to Jesus, spreading his name far & wide! The 'War Room' star is standing for faith on the big screen. SCH Contributor Dawn Gregg chats with this actor and speaker about his own powerful testimony & passions.
war room

War Room – Official Trailer

Victories don't come by accident. Priscilla Shirer and the Kendrick Brothers present War Room, a film that proves the power of prayer.

‘War Room’ a Front-Runner out of the Gate

Stunning secular media over the weekend, the award-winning Kendrick Brother's new film 'War Room' is storming the box office with Faith & Prayer! SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane Howard shares the latest news.

War Room – Movie Clip

Tony tries to avoid his wife's wrath in this exclusive clip from 'War Room.' Don't miss this exclusive glimpse of the Kendrick Brothers' upcoming film!