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God’s Grace and Voice

Accessing God's grace and voice means slowing down and giving Him our full attention without distractions. Sometimes God's grace includes protecting us from ourselves.

When God Says Go

Do you ever hesitate when you hear God commanding you? SCH Contributor Debbie Williamson reminds us that listening to God is our heart's desire and teaches us how to respond to His instruction.

Are You Paying Attention to God?

When it’s quiet and dark, your hands are still and your eyes are closed – can you hear God whisper to you in the darkness? Or is your mind on the day ahead? SCH Contributor Debbie Williamson discusses how to be a better listener to God.

Spiritual Famine- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Because He is God, when He speaks He expects a listening ear and an eager response. When we ignore Him, He may withhold His voice until we repent and get right with Him. If you realize you are in a spiritual famine, immediately seek God and ask Him what adjustments your life requires so you can once again enjoy fellowship with Him.

Listening For Real

When you speak with God, are you talking or listening? SCH Contributor Diane Paddison points out the value of being a good listener in conversations with God, your friends, and your family.
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Listening To God

It seems we always have time to ask God but do we really want to or take the time to truly listen to what God has to say? SCH Contributor, Jesse Bradley urges us to put listening to God at the top of our forever-growing to-do lists.