How To Live Joyfully

The beauty in impossibility is we can only succeed through divine assistance. Through Him all things are possible, including loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, which is incredibly freeing.

Celebrate God’s Grace

As a Christian it's easy to feel like a hypocrite when we lose self control or cross the line. Michael K. Reynolds reveals the secret to staying strong, avoiding guilt and rejoicing in the journey.

How to Untie the Knot in Your Stomach

Is your stomach knotted up by the roller coaster of life? SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds reminds us that while we can’t control our circumstances, we can choose our response.

Has God Left Heaven?

What is Heaven to you? SCH Contributor Michael K Reynolds teaches how to avoid common misconceptions and to better understand the glory of Heaven.
finding hope in hopelessness sonoma christian home flowers on rock

Finding Hope in Hopelessness

Are you finding hope in hopelessness? Pray, follow & be obedient to God. Trust Him with the results & be joyful in our Savior.

Does God Love Moms More?

Raising children is a divine task and no one does it better than Mom. Michael K. Reynolds says that when God explains the greatness of his comforting touch, he uses Mom as the ideal example of love.