Unexpected Teachers

Does someone in your life remind you of how to love the Lord? SCH Contributor Michael K Reynolds explains how God teaches you in unique ways through unexpected teachers.

Do You Always Have to be Right?

SCH Contributor Michael Reynold's shares a personal story about what can happen when we admit we're wrong, and how God uses humility for peace, restoration and healing.

Celebrate God’s Grace

As a Christian it's easy to feel like a hypocrite when we lose self control or cross the line. Michael K. Reynolds reveals the secret to staying strong, avoiding guilt and rejoicing in the journey.

New Year – New Blessings

How do you approach your New Year's resolutions? Michael K Reynolds proposes 3 radical new suggestions for inspiring growth and showers of blessings.

How to Please God

Do you feel like you are falling short? SCH Contributor Michael K Reynolds reveals the only thing you need to do to please God.

Do You Trust God?

What holds you back from asking God all of your questions? SCH Contributor Michael K Reynolds shows us how to trust God.