Taking Hits in the Name of Faith

Within the divine pages of the New Testament, there are strong challenges, calls to accountability and stern warnings which must be presented whole and in all its glory. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds offers advice on how to stand up to adversity through the teachings of this Testament.

The Elephant in Your Room

If you have something holding you back, SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds offers you the strength to finally address it. Start today. Right now. Pray about it. Make room in your life for God.

The Game of Life

SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds reminds us that ultimately, it all comes down to choices. We can decide if we play the game to win in the world, or play the game with an eternal victory in mind.

Letting Go of the Hurt from the Past

Do you struggle with feelings of deep seeded resentment or anger? SCH Contributor Michael K Reynolds teaches how to let go of the hurt from past wrongs to arrive at blissful forgiveness.

How Much Do You Love Your Spouse?

When SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds loses his wedding ring, he contemplates the danger of losing oneself in life's distractions, and neglecting one of the most important priorities of all.