Newsboys – Live with Abandon

Are you willing to live with abandon? Four-time GRAMMY nominated band, NEWSBOYS album "Restart" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Albums Chart.

Marie Miller – Make The Most Of Me

Marie is a complete musician that not only has an incredible singing voice, but also writes her own songs and plays multiple instruments. Curb Records recognized Marie’s potential and signed Marie to an arti...
David Crowder Band Black Suits

David Crowder Band – O Praise Him

Have you ever felt the urge to worship our God rise up inside you until you weren't sure if you would be able to contain it? We're taking you back a few years to bring you a video that made the internet roun...

Lara Landon – I See God in You

We know you'll enjoy musical artist Lara Landon's newest song off her just-released album "Overcome". The beautiful video is a stunner with simple lyrics a rich sound.
Sarah Macintosh Current

Sarah Macintosh – Current (Live)

A musical collaboration by a large group of incredibly talented artists. Sarah Macintosh (and friends) performing "Current" live in Nashville, TN at Grantland.