A mountain climber walks along the snowy peak of the mountain he climbed. faith in the movies

Rediscovering Faith in the Movies

In a thrilling true story, a man discovers faith & plays out in the movies this week for the special film event '6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain' starring Josh Hartnett and Mira Sorvino.
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Top Pick Movies Inspire Courage

This week's top pick movies inspire courage in mankind. SCH Editor At Large Dr. Diane Howard shares about new movies for this week in September!

July 13th – American Minute – The XYZ Affair

French privateers seized nearly 300 American ships. As America and France came close to war in what became known as the XYZ Affair, the then retired 1st President, George Washington agreed to serve once again as Commander-in-Chief of the Army on JULY 13, 1798.