A scene from 'Samson' the movie.

Family-Friendly ‘Samson’ Movie in Theaters

The beautiful redemptive 'Samson' movie in theaters shows that God uses flawed people & leaders for His divine purpose. SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane Howard reports on other movies coming this month & beyond!
Barnum (Hugh Jackman) and Charity Barnum (Michelle Williams) share an enchanting dance on a New York rooftop in Twentieth Century Fox’s THE GREATEST SHOWMAN.

New Year Bright with Hope in Movies

We look forward to a new year bright with hope as family films come to the movies. SCH Editor At Large Dr. Diane Howard shares some wonderful upcoming films!
Young mother and her daughter using a tablet pc by a fireplace on warm Christmas. underdog wins at the movies

The Underdog Wins at the Movies

The undergo wins at the movies this second week of December. 'The Star' is popular and perfect for this season of celebrating Jesus' birth!
'The Man Who Invented Christmas' stars veteran actor Christopher Plummer. Thanksgiving week brings multitude of gratitude

Thanksgiving Week Brings Multitude of Gratitude in Theaters

Thanksgiving week brings multitude of gratitude as we find an increasing number of family films in theaters. This week, 'Wonder' and 'Roman J. Israel, Esq.' are excellent picks for your holiday weekend movie outing. See what else makes the list!