Julie Roberts and Jacob Tremblay play mother and son in 'Wonder'. family film 'Wonder' among top-grossing

Inspirational Family Film ‘Wonder’ Among Top-Grossing

The hugely popular family film 'Wonder' among top-grossing films for 2017 & is based on a popular book by the same name. This story has encouraged a #ChooseKind movement & created awareness about differences, bullying & genuine friendship. SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane sits down with the film's director Stephen Chbosky.
Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay star as mother and son in 'Wonder' Julia Roberts' new life-changing movie 'Wonder'

Julia Roberts’ New Life-Changing Movie ‘Wonder’

Julia Roberts' new life-changing movie 'Wonder' tells the story of her on-screen son Auggie, who struggles with a facial deformity & how people react to him. The star-studded cast of this film beautifully shares important life lessons about acceptance & kindness & is in theaters nationwide now!