fasting and prayer

7 Ways Fasting and Prayer Can Change Our Lives

Do you long to go deeper in your faith? To experience more of God than ever before? SCH Contributor Suzanne Niles shares life-changing stories of Biblical prayer and fasting, as well as some practical tips.

God Knows and Cares

All of us have an opportunity to turn to God. SCH Contributor Sue Detweiler reminds us that God cares about all of our struggles and will use prayer to comfort our hearts.

When Waiting Is Hard

Do you grow impatient while waiting for God to answer your prayers? SCH contributor Jennifer Dukes Lee shows us that God's timing is always better than our own.

When You Pray

SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzelman invites us to reevaluate our prayer lives and consider the beautiful peace and balancing calmness that comes from experiencing a deeper relationship with the Lord.