Do You Always Have to be Right?

SCH Contributor Michael Reynold's shares a personal story about what can happen when we admit we're wrong, and how God uses humility for peace, restoration and healing.

How to Say No

As Christians we sometimes feel the obligation to be "nice" all the time, and we view saying no as being mean. Our holidays often become overbooked because of this idea. SCH Contributor Phil Cooke dispels this notion, teaching us that sometimes saying no is the best for us and the other person.
Couple In Love Face to Face BW

Superglue Relationships – Recovery from Codependency

The crisis of codependency always leaves us holding the short end of the stick. SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell, through real-life scenarios, explains how only God's perfect love can bring true recovery from codependency.
how to find a healthy relationship

How to Find a Healthy Relationship | The Capacity for Love

Have you ever loved someone so much, yet never felt the love returned? How do you move on? SCH Contributor, Dr. Tracey Mitchell sheds light on our different love capacities, giving godly advice on how to find healthy relationships.

The Control Freak

Do you have friends who need to control everything? SCH Contributor Tracey Mitchell talks about ways to transform control issues associated with rejection. Take the quiz and evaluate if your relationships are healthy.