SCH Interview with Guy Noland

How does a company founded in 1875 become a social media leader in 2013? SCH Contributor, Phil Cooke catches up with Salvation Army Vision Network Executive Producer, Guy Noland on the launch of the video driven web initiative.

Support for Working Women Starts With You

If we want to see women grow professionally, SCH Contributor, Diane Paddison urges us to use the wonderful gifts that God has given us to help and support other women.

Seeds of Life

Amy Layne Litzelman encourages us to spend time with people outside the church walls. After pulling weeds from hurting hearts comes the joy of planting the awesome, powerful seeds of God’s Word.

The Spirit Of Wisdom

Throughout His ministry, Jesus relied upon the Holy Spirit to direct Him as He made crucial decisions and faced relentless opposition. If you are a Christian, the same Spirit abides in you. Henry Blackaby Daily Devotion.

Spilling the Beans

Coffee is more than the sweet taste and wonderful aroma. New SCH Contributor Nicole Johnson finds coffee as a deeper meaning, brewing with love, sharing, and connection.
amazing love

Amazing Love – Review

SCH Contributor - Andrew Adames gives a compelling review on a touching film AMAZING LOVE. A youth pastor shares the powerful story of Old Testament Prophet Hosea.