Being Best Is Better Than Being First

Speed is good. But your first priority is to make sure whatever project, idea, or product you release is ready to go, and built to last. SCH Contributor, Phil Cooke emphasizes the standards of excellence.

Escape – Movie Review

SCH Contributor - Tara Duffy gives an insightful review on the film. A dramatic thriller takes us through Thailand after Paul, a doctor and his wife experience another situation when Paul is taken.
the book of esther

The Book of Esther – Movie Review

SCH contributor, Sharon Wilharm gives us a behind the scenes look at the talented Director David A.R. White's dramatic adaptation of the timeless tale of the beautiful Queen Esther.

Humble Enough to Receive

Amy Layne Litzelman reminds us that comprehending God's grace is far beyond our human ability. We must humble ourselves before Him so we may stand under the waterfall of his amazing grace.

Can I Pray For You?

Diane Paddison needed the kind of rest that only God can provide. And He did provide - in the form of a stranger who asked "Can I pray for you?" Because of that, Diane's heart was changed and soul refreshed. May you, as well, speak those bold words.

Love That’s Worth the Wait

Instead of worrying about finding "The One" focus on becoming the one that God has planned for you to be. As Diane Paddison says, "God's timetable is flawless."