Spiritual Markers- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

A spiritual marker identifies a time of decision when you clearly know that God guided you. Keep track of these important moments! This will help you understand God’s activity in your life and give you a sense of direction.

Unexpected Teachers

Does someone in your life remind you of how to love the Lord? SCH Contributor Michael K Reynolds explains how God teaches you in unique ways through unexpected teachers.

Christian Filmmakers Fight Hunger

Sean Bloomfield is starting a movement... Meal Deals delivers epic savings while dining out, and every deal results in a full meal for a hungry child! Fight hunger every day!

Restoration & Healing

What injuries and setbacks have you experienced? Pastor Jesse Bradley shares that not only does God have enough grace to bring you through difficulty, but enough to help you place both feet on solid ground.
Couple In Love Face to Face BW

Superglue Relationships – Recovery from Codependency

The crisis of codependency always leaves us holding the short end of the stick. SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell, through real-life scenarios, explains how only God's perfect love can bring true recovery from codependency.
David Montgomery

The 3:15 Project – David Montgomery

The 3:15 Project challenges and equips people to record their personal testimony of God's goodness, then share it online. Technology makes it possible to spread the Gospel to an incredible amount of people!