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Praying with Motive

If God refrains from giving us what we are asking, we should evaluate our prayers. Are our motives selfish? If we will ask according to His will, we will receive far more than we anticipated. Blackaby Daily Devotional.
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Prepare To Go

Jesus never excused those who struggled to follow Him. He made it clear that to follow Him meant He set the direction and they were to follow. Wherever He leads, be prepared to go. Blackaby Daily Devotional.

Jealousy Has No Justification

None of us deserves to be God’s child, so there is no need to compare our blessings with those of other children of God. Blackaby Daily Devotional.
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Will You Betray Me?

Guard your heart. Listen now to the Lord’s gentle warning: the failure that was possible with His first disciples is also possible with you. You, too, are capable of forsaking Jesus, just as the first disciples did. Blackaby Daily Devotional.

Nothing To Hide

Your integrity is measured not by what you say about yourself but by what God and people say about you. There is a freedom that comes in having nothing to hide. Blackaby Daily Devotion.

Truth Sets You Free

Is there a sense of bondage in a particular area of your life? A harmful addiction? It is possible that you do not yet understand a truth about God that can release you? Blackaby Devotional.