Changing Your Perspective on Obedience

Change can be uncomfortable. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit still leads any who are willing into all truth. Join Amy Layne Litzelman as she explores God’s heart for worship and obedience.
you are valuable. beautiful blonde woman standing in flower trees

Why You Are Valuable

We often work hard to be accepted. But Amy Layne Litzelman says that to God you are valuable. He values you far beyond your talent or gifting or goodness. God values you simply because you exist.
Old wooden Fence with tall grass in field Sonoma Vineyards getting new eyes

Getting New Eyes

For artists it's not so much about how they draw but how they see. It's like getting new eyes when we see God's perspective. SCH contributor Amy Layne Litzelman writes that when dwelling from this perspective, we see purpose, beauty, and life.
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Risk-free Living

Amy Layne Litzelman reflects on the elements of risk & danger present in today's hectic world. Yet there is a place of risk-free living, a place where worry & fear are not an issue.