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Last edited on: March 11, 2012.

Messy Mondays softens the blow of what some call the harshest day of the week! I will refrain from writing out all the hilarious quotes from this video, and just let you watch and laugh for yourself.  Once again, Blimey Cow has come up with a video that will definitely make you laugh, but also kinda-sorta helps you understand life and relationships just a little better. Or at least helps you to not take it all too seriously.

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    Funny thing is we have this beautiful daughter, and she is recently in the like zone of life, and it’s good. But as parents the like zone is new for us, we are open to the “Just Friends option” because at 15, you want all the kids to tie their hearts to Jesus if they know him. And then you want to encourage them to tell their friends about Jesus too. Keeping a balance is the hard part. You want to teach the teens to love each other as Christ Loves them, but the World wants them to tie their hearts to each other in a unhealthy way.
    What is not funny is the peer pressure, AHHHHH, what comes next? After you like someone, and they cant date because their parents feel it’s toooooooo soon.
    As the parents we pray and trust God to be the Faithful Father to our teens.
    I am a youth group leader (small group beautiful girls)….Just wanting them to have perspective about this season of their lives. Too much toooo soon will not leave them content in life.
    Love Julie

    • Jeney Pribyl

      Being a parent is never easy, is it? So many things to keep on top of. I like what you said – God is a Faithful Father to our teens. This gives me great comfort.

      Thanks for sharing!


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