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Last edited on: August 17, 2017.

Every week we go to church, but how much does it actually mean to us? How much to we cherish our church experience?

Joshua Harris explains how we shouldn’t just think of church as something to mark off our schedule of Things To Do, but we should recognize it for what it is:  The family of God.  The place where God displays what He’s accomplished in the Gospel.  A time to hear God’s Word being proclaimed again.

The church is truly a wonderful place! It’s a place where Christians can have fellowship with each other. We can encourage each other and worship our awesome God together! Just imagine: what if there were hundreds of angels in the congregation worshipping God with Christians as they sing and hear God’s Word! One thing’s for sure – God’s presence is there.

This video is a part of the Desiring God series and features Joshua Harris. Harris is a renowned pastor and author. He’s an advocate for biblical, God-honoring dating and relationships.

Next time you go to church, remember how much of a privilege it is to be in God’s house.


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