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Last edited on: June 13, 2017.

Former addict Bruce Pearson is about to embark on a major UK tour to share his testimony of freedom from addiction – how an encounter with a Christian and a perfectly timed radio message from Dr. Michael Youssef changed everything.

His testimony is a reaffirmation that God is indeed at work in the hearts of people from all nations. There have been countless testimonies of God speaking to people through many different mediums – sometimes radio, sometimes television, and sometimes through people.

Five years ago in Bradford, Yorkshire, Bruce Pearson had no sense of purpose, hope, or identity.

“I needed alcohol to sleep, cocaine to wake up,” he says.

However, Bruce’s journey to recovery and a new life began when a Franciscan Monk shared the Christian faith with him and gave him a Gospel of Matthew booklet.

The next morning in his hostel, Bruce switched on his battered old radio.

“This voice came up from Dr. Michael Youssef, president of Leading The Way, and he starts talking about Christ,” Bruce says. “Straightaway I understood what this authority is. And it’s the stuff that Jesus taught. That’s the uncompromised truth.”

Bruce decided to commit his life to Christ and was radically transformed — from addiction to freedom. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

Today, Bruce is not only ministering on the same streets where he once lived; he is also proclaiming the Gospel through his own radio program and he even introduces Dr. Michael Youssef’s teaching show straight after his.

Last October at the iconic London Palladium, Bruce stood on the same stage as Dr. Youssef to share his testimony before an audience of more than 1,500 people.

He shared with the crowd: “Five years ago, I was on a different stage and the director was the devil. But now I stand on a different stage with a different story, and the director is the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Speaking about his UK tour he explained: “Over the next five months I’ll be traveling up and down the country to share my testimony. My goal is to connect with people who don’t know the Lord and to encourage Christians that God is still at work, and we’ve got a job to do in sharing that message.

“I’ll also be talking about the incredible work Leading The Way is doing, particularly in the Middle East. So often we look with despair and helplessness at this region of the world. So, I want to reassure people by sharing what this ministry is doing, providing practical and spiritual support to so many displaced Christians facing persecution.”




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