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Last edited on: March 14, 2012.

Beth Nicholas, ‘Seeping Through’, Ink & Oil, 85cm x 60cm

This beautiful work is something I found while working as an art consultant for a private gallery. I could just as easily have chosen any and all of Beth’s works for the styling project as they’re each just as enigmatic and hypnotic.  You could while away hours pouring over the bleeding sea-blue washes of colour, feathered ink and scrawled writing and continue to be captivated by one after the other in this series.

I wanted to feature Beth’s art first on the blog – as soon as I feasibly can I will be investing in one to add to my own collection. In the time it has taken for deLaunay to be set up Beth has moved to her new studio in Woolwich and is exhibiting at Fiumano Fine Art on Connaught Street with big things planned for the coming year in London and LA.

Colour Story: Original ink drawing found in a charity shop & assortment of fabric swatches (as listed)

A dark charcoal or deep blue/black (see colour samples) would create a dramatic backdrop for ‘Seeping Through’, as well as a stunning feature wall, keeping ceiling and other walls bright, light and neutral. After working in a sterile gallery environment it’s sometimes tempting to fall back on the principle that art should be ‘properly’ exhibited against a neutral backdrop, but considering coloured walls and treating the immediate surrounding wall space to frame each artwork individually can bring out the best qualities of a collection.

After Beth mentioned exhibiting on mushroom walls in her interview I really couldn’t decide between the two – a soft fawn would look equally lovely, transforming the scheme from robust and brooding to serene and delicate …whichever you choose the swatches, samples and products sourced below will still work together.

Little Luxuries

Cut flowers are one of my favourite ways to bring out the textures and colours of an artwork into a living space and allow you to create a slightly different feel each time you replace them. Wild at Heart on Orange Square on Pimlico Rd always have a wide choice of beautiful blooms.

Home Comforts

Mirroring the contrasting textures within the artwork, industrial-feel storage and lighting are softened by a beautiful black mohair and wool throw by Biggest Blanket Company and cushions upholstered in rich silk velvet and the fabrics sampled above.

The Japanese heritage of Beth’s work is incorporated into the room with a pair of antique blue and white Arita porcelain vases from specialist London-based dealers Guest & Gray and a series of 3 small original ink drawings (see Colour Story above) found in a charity shop in Chelsea. It really is possible to find perfect pieces to add to/compliment your collection regardless of budget.

A rich, rustic dark stained hardwood floor in reclaimed oak or walnut would look stunning with the cool blues of Beth’s artwork. See below for an image I recently spotted on design blog that shows this perfectly.

Image via Skandiamäklarna.

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  1. Renee Marchol

    such beautiful Asian-inspired florals! I guess we think alike because I just bought floral patterns this week at Joann’s and did an interview about Chinoiserie. Perfect for Spring. Right?


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