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Last edited on: May 7, 2012.

“Skip Listening” is a short film that was shot, edited, and finished in 7 days (168 hours) by a team of individuals looking to bring redemptive stories to the big screen throughout the world.

This story was collaborated by a core group, consisting of Colleen Bennett, Thor Ramsey, Christopher Shawn Shaw, Kristin McCoy, and Josh B. Jacobs, and written for the screen by Thor Ramsey.  Produced by Christopher Shawn Shaw, Josh B. Jacobs, and Colleen Bennett.  Directed by Christopher Shawn Shaw.

Christopher Shawn Shaw is also an SCH movie reviewer.  Look for his reviews on the site!

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  1. Patricia Mauceri

    After my more than 38 years as a performing artist, I will briefly share my heart after watching SKIP LISTENING!

    After graduating from Juilliard and a career of more than 15 years in theatre, TV,
    Broadway and film, Jesus miraculously saved me and transformed my life to exchange
    my glory for HIS! The subsequent years (including 14 years on One Life to Live on ABC),
    my performing has been dedicated to serve Him and my passion is to see young artists who believe
    they have been chosen to serve in the arts truly exemplify excellence in motive and in craft. I haven’t often seen excellence and redemptive storytelling ability so masterfully executed as in this powerful and touching film. As I believe the motive and manner of our hearts is paramount in the process and ultimate fruit of this challenging film ministry-the result of your labor speaks clearly of God’s hand of anointing upon the individuals and collaborative effort.
    I would be honored to be used in His service in any way the Lord would prayerfully lead you. May His hand continue to be upon your work, expand the borders of your territory and guide you to bring Glory to His Name!


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