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Promise, Texas is a town in need of hope. Farmers face a year-long drought. The sheriff serves eviction notices on foreclosed homes. Drug and alcohol are abused by children and adults. People are desperate. Enter Gabe (Gavin Casalegno), a mysterious hitchhiker, still just a boy. Gabe recognizes that Promise is broken and he’s on a mission to restore hope to a people and land that need healing. Gabe is taken in by Joe and Ellen Murphy (Carey Scott, Elise Baughman), a couple who lost their child during birth.

Gabriel (played by Gavin Casalegno) is the young and mysterious hitchhiker. Courtesy EchoLight Studios

Town newsreporter Monroe (played by Jenn Gotzon) basks in the glory of her new miracle story. Courtesy EchoLight Studios

Gabriel (Casalegno) by the power of prayer to God heals a broken woman. Courtesy EchoLight Studios

Before long, Gabe is making friends and changing lives. Miracles follow him wherever he goes. Despite the good he is doing, he’s investigated by Sheriff Brody (Dean Cain) who believes Gabe to be a runaway and finds him at the center of controversy. As Brody gets closer to the truth, the townspeople find that Promise is being restored through the power of prayer. Gabe leads people to life-changing decisions including the town doctor (John Schneider), career-driven journalists Monroe (Jenn Gotzon) and Frank Pierce (Benjamin Dane), and many of the community’s youth—particularly the inspired characters played by Rebekah Kennedy and Wesley Hathcoat in truly heart-warming performances.

John Schneider (Smallville) joins the cast to play Doc, whose life is changed by the boy Gabriel. Courtesy EchoLight Studios

Wherever the mysterious boy Gabriel goes, miracles follow. Courtesy EchoLight Studios

As Brody gets closer to the truth, the townspeople find that Promise is being restored through the power of prayer. Courtesy EchoLight Studio

I Am . . . Gabriel is a dynamic, emotional film with a talented cast. The Superman series crossover of Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) and Schneider (Smallville) shows two popular actors who are in top form. All around, this is an ensemble film with a simple message of hope and a stern reminder that God hears us when we look past the messenger and set our eyes on the Author of that message.

Director Mike Norris demonstrates how he envisions this scene focused on the miracle in I Am…Gabriel. Courtesy EchoLight Studios

The cast of I Am…Gabriel rally up for a smile with their director Mike Norris. Courtesy EchoLight Studios

I Am . . . Gabriel is not rated but does contain some very mild violence and subjects for family discussion. Bloody sheets are shown during a childbirth in which the baby doesn’t survive. An alcoholic on the run (played by director Mike Norris) is hit by a car. A teen overdoses on drugs but later repents and asks forgiveness in one of the more emotional scenes in a family film that’s packed with them.


Featured Image photo credits: Courtesy of EchoLight Studios

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  1. DeeJay

    Sounds like an awesome movie. I hope it comes to our area. This would be a great “family” night out!

    • Cindy Navarro

      DeeJay, it is on dvd. It would be great for a Family Movie Night at home too!! Grab the family, your favorite snacks, and gather around the tv for some amazing family time!!


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