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Last edited on: August 23, 2013.

What’s the prayer you refuse to pray?

Nothing comes to mind? Are you sure? It should be pretty obvious.

After all, God has been laying it on your heart, whispering it in your ear, encouraging you to get past this hurdle

It’s been prodding at us. Nagging at us. Still, we cover our eyes with our hands and dig our heels into the sand. We even raise our fist to the Heavens.


You didn’t mean THEM…did you?

Yes. That someone who hurt you. Abandoned you or let you down.

Or worse, the one who hurt someone you love.

Did you get ripped off? A raw deal?

Anger. Resentment. These emotions flow easy. But what about prayer. Would you pray for them?

Own a business? Do you pray for your competitors? Buying a house? Do you pray that the sellers will be blessed by the transaction?


You want me to say what?

It’s not just that we pray for them. It’s the heart in which we pray.

Not that they’ll get fixed to our standards. Or that they’ll come around to our way of thinking, crawling to us on their hands and knees, begging for forgiveness.

No. It’s that they’ll see light in their life. That they’ll be richly blessed and will be a blessing to others.


You don’t mean now, do you?

Yes. When it’s most inconvenient. Because God is more interested in our availability than our capability. He’s more interested in our willingness to serve than our capacity to do so.

So that means when that person…yes that person… is coming down the aisle of the airplane and is eyeing our middle seat.

Lord give me an opportunity to brighten their day.

When the phone rings and we’re already running late on our way to the golf course.

Lord let this be an opportunity to serve you.

When we’re cut off on the highway or jumped in front of line. When someone takes credit for our idea. When the neighbor’s dogs bark at midnight. When the most difficult person in our life comes to mind.

That’s the moment. That’s the opportunity. There’s power in that prayer.

Healing. Transforming. The blur of hate subsides and we begin to see people with the understanding of our Creator. With love, compassion and hope. All of this happens through the power of our petitions.

Who has God laid on your heart? What’s the prayer you refuse to pray?




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