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Last edited on: September 21, 2013.

Henry Blackaby was missing for more than 24 hours, but the Baptist minister and Experiencing God author was finally found safe on Friday.

On Thursday September 19, Henry Blackaby drove his car to pick up his wife Marlilynn from an appointment. Henry apparently suffered a heart attack while driving. He became disoriented and unable to find his way back home. He drove for the next 29 hours until finally being found in a small town south of Atlanta.

He did not have his cell phone with him nor insulin for his diabetes. As a result, his blood sugar rose and his kidneys began to struggle as well. The family was able to track his movements as he used a credit card to make occasional purchases.

The police assigned a detective group to monitor his movements and to track him down. Hundreds of volunteers, many from his church at First Baptist Church Jonesboro, GA drove all over the city looking for him. He is currently in a hospital undergoing extensive tests. He seems to be in good spirits and lucid.

We appreciate your prayers. With Henry disoriented, suffering from a heart attack, and driving for 29 hours throughout the night, all over Atlanta, it is clear that GOD HEARD AND ANSWERED THE PRAYERS OF HIS PEOPLE! Thank you to every one who prayed and helped in the search.


Republished via Blackaby International Ministries



A Note From The Editor

On a personal note, I want to share with our readers that the writing of Henry Blackaby has played an integral role in my life as a believer.

In 2007 I started studying his book Experiencing God, and through his profound teachings I grew deeper in my faith than I ever thought possible.

I have kept this book by my bedside for the past seven years. It is lovingly marked up with personal reflections written in pencil and pen, and multi-colored highlights and  folded corners. Some of the pages are falling out and there are many a page wtih minor coffee stains.

As far as devotionals go, there has never been another devotional that has helped me grow deeper in my relationship with God than Experiencing God.

Back in 2010 when I was in the planning stages of Sonoma Christian Home, it was my fervent desire that the Lord would open the door for us to feature the work of Pastor Henry Blackaby and his son Richard T. Blackaby. When this dream came true, I knew without question, that God’s hand of favor was on our project.

As most of our faithful readers know, Sonoma Christian Home has the honor and priviledge of republishing the writings of Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God Daily Devotional. B & H Publishing Co. has played a vital role in the development and success of our publication and online ministry.

My heart broke when I heard the news that he was missing. And now, I cannot express the relief and joy that I feel knowing that our beloved Henry was found. I pray that our readers will experience the same kind of spiritual growth that I have by reading his daily devotional each morning – published seven days a week at 7:00 AM on Sonoma Christian Home.



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