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From Arlington, Texas, this 19 year old Country/Pop crossover artist picked up music at the age of 14 and quickly became passionate about performing and speaking through songwriting. Brandon Chase started his musical journey playing drums, then turned to singing. Shortly after, he taught himself to play piano/keyboard the acoustic/electric guitar.

Over the past 5 years, Brandon has been working on his craft as a singer/songwriter/musician. From 2008 to present, he has independently released 4 records with all original material. Brandon’s latest EP titled COUNTRY ENOUGH established him as a country artist.

Brandon Chase

Brandon says, “I had my very first online concert hosted by Keepin’ it Country Blog on, and it was a blast!” He did another first soon after and, “performed at a fundraiser event for a new film…called 8 Days. I’m so humbled to be a part of a project that is boldly shining the light on the hard issue of human trafficking and putting action into motion to stop this heinous crime.”

Brandon Chase went to Actors, Models and Talent for Christ (AMTC) Summer Shine Convention in 2011 and came out with amazing 26 callbacks from agents and scout all over the country. His mother writes, “We truly do need more positive role models in our entertainment industry. I believe you are placing many who are called by God to do just that…Shine for God.”

But underneath the country smile and guitar, there is a hardworking and driven young man filled with passion and purpose.  After attending church camp at about 13 years old, Brandon says, “Jesus completely wrecked my life -in an awesome way.   I told my parents I wanted to home school so I could go to the church everyday and help my youth pastor with anything he needed.  After serving faithfully for about a year, a new opportunity arose when the church decided to put together a youth band.”

Surprisingly, at this point in his life, he had never done anything musically.

“Growing up I had aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player at one point in time. That being said, I had never stepped into the world of music. I was in choir in elementary school (because it was a required class), and quite honestly I hated it at the time! However, I did audition for singing roles in our school plays, but never once got even the smallest singing solo. I basically had no musical skills whatsoever before junior high.


When they announced that they were holding tryouts, it instantly stuck in my mind. I knew I had no music abilities, but still I felt like I was supposed to audition. I was always the quiet kid in the back of the room, too shy to approach people and obviously too shy to get on a stage in front of a crowd of people! But I followed my heart where God was leading me. I walked up onto the stage and sang ‘Here I Am To Worship’. That was the first time I found my voice.  Music instantly became my greatest passion in life, and it grows stronger with each and every breath.”

WFAA Party at the Plaza

Anyone who listens to Brandon Chase can hear his talent.  He has what it takes to be a country artist.  It’s obvious.  But what is far more impressive than what anyone’s ears can hear, is what lives inside of his heart.  It’s the very reason that propelled him into music to begin with and what continues to push him on to this day.

Brandon Chase

“It’s my personal dream to change lives through the music I write and perform.  And it’s so unbelievable to me how far God has brought me. He has opened so many doors for me and I am truly humbled and blessed to be doing what I do.  I’m not where I am by my own doing. I give Jesus all the credit and praise.  Remember, nothing is impossible! Allow God to direct you and you will live with purpose and your heart will be full of joy”

Catch a glimpse at Brandon’s talent in this live video for his song Lemonade Sunday- Brandon Chase

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