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Well, as for myself, Joe Estevez, I am one of the luckiest persons in the world. I have made a living at something I love to do; Acting. I have a loving, beautiful, wife Constance, and three daughters, Casey, Angela, and Nikki, all working in the ‘Business’ and content in their lives.

Q: How did you find yourself working on Doonby?

Joe Estevez: A fellow actor friend, Will Wallace (who is also in the film) introduced me to the Director, Peter Mackenzie, a beautiful man who wrote a inspired script and offered me a co-starring role. Doonby is the kind of film I believe most Actors want to do, but very seldom get the opportunity, so I jumped at the opportunity!

Joe Estevez as Cyrus in Doonby; Photo Courtesy of Nobody Film Company

Q: What is one of your favorite parts of filming Doonby?

Joe Estevez: My favorite memory of filming Doonby was shooting in Smithville, Texas. The people who live there, it was like home and just as hard to leave.

Q: So, I’ve got two more questions for you, first, what are you hoping the viewers walk away from ‘Doonby’ having gained?

Joe Estevez: I think we must understand that we are all important and there is a plan for us. God does NOT make mistakes. Often times in our day to day lives we lose the importance of what we mean to our loved one and the world around us, ‘Doonby’ brings us back to a proper perspective.

Joe Estevez as Cyrus in Doonby; Photo Courtesy of Nobody Film Company

Q: Last question, where can we expect to see you next?

Joe Estevez: My next work is with Adult Swim TV, then on to Washington D.C. mid Nov. to work on two different Films and of course every week I work on My Series “All Things Catholic” which my Wife Constance Produces for The DeSales Media, Net TV.

Wow! You stay busy Mr. Estevez! Thank you so much for your time, this was a wonderful interview and I’m sure our fellow ‘Doonby’ followers will agree!


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