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’13 Hours’ Interview with Real-Life Hero Kris “Tanto” Paronto

The harrowing story of American heroism '13 Hours' is now playing in theaters nationwide! Kris Paronto, a soldier who bravely risked his life for others on September 11, 2012, shares his own story and take on the new action-packed film. SCH Contributor Vanessa LeRow reports.

An Inside Look Into The Mind of Actor Joe Estevez – Doonby

Estevez realized that 'Doonby' is the kind of film most actors are looking for, but very seldom get the chance, so he jumped at the opportunity. Find out more about this powerful film. . Starring Jenn Gotzon, John Schneider, and Joe Estevez.
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A Passage Through Time into the Western Era

With a heart to bring back great Western films, the Western Film Fair in North Carolina is planning to debut a short Western film making competition open to cinematic departments in high schools and colleges. Dr. Fred Eichelman reports.