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Last edited on: October 29, 2013.

Among the reasons to see a film this weekend, one in particular doesn’t spring immediately to mind – endorsed by the Vatican & Southern Baptist Convention.  But that’s exactly the reason you should see Doonby, opening November 1st.

The genre-bending drama stars John Schneider, of Dukes of Hazard & Smallville fame, and rapidly rising star, Jenn Gotzon (Tricia Nixon in Oscar-nominated Frost/Nixon).

Described as a mix of classic Twilight Zone and It’s a Wonderful Life, Doonby is the story of a handsome drifter who just happens to be in the right place at the right time.  A lot of the time.

The Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano was so impressed by the film it endorsed it as “…a moving and thought-provoking psychological thriller… that will linger in your mind and obsess your consciousness.”  Not even The Passion of the Christ got such a ringing commendation from the Office of the Holy See.

Romantic lead Jenn Gotzon is championing a movie theater tour in-personan and FaceTime nationwide with entrepreneurial distributor TUGG.  Gotzon will discuss the moral values of Doonby and share her moving story on overcoming life’s obstacles to inspire audiences to pursue their passion and purpose in life.

Last week, the Film Advisory Board granted actress Jenn Gotzon an “Award of Excellence for Doonby and Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment World [Inspiring Audiences motivational program]” & this past Saturday, Gotzon received overall festival “Best Actor” for the protagonist dream role in God’s Country at the 11th Annual Pocono Mountain Film Festival.

Jenn’s career is now exploding – with starring roles in no less than 9 feature films, 4 being released this year, 5 released 2014, starting with Ferrari-driving dramedy God’s Country, which premiered on UPtv in Aug. and is now selling successfully in stores, and online through Netflix and Blockbuster.

This month boasts 3 theatrically released films, including Alone Yet Not Alone.  The epic, inspirational true story, set during the French and Indian War, opened #1 at the Box office during its test release.

Film Critic Sharon Wilharm praises: “Jenn Gotzon’s portrayal of Lydia being burned at the stake brought chills. Her approach was so unexpected and yet so right.” And Gotzon strikes gold twice on November 1st with real-life cyber attack thriller Dragon Day, and the Vatican endorsed genre-bending mystery romance movie Doonby sharing the release date.


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