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Last edited on: December 7, 2013.

Our adventures began with a sneeze.  Not from me or the children, mind you.  It was the deer, a big male deer by the trees just 15 feet from us.  He sneezed, and then used his front hoof to itch his nose.  We watched in amazement.  My kids were even standing still, not moving a muscle.  Then, he did it again – sneezed and itched his nose.  And again!  We started laughing.  Who has ever seen a deer itch his nose?  He started trotting through the woods alongside us as we headed to Bus Stop 5 at Yosemite National Park.

Sneezy Deer

It was a beautiful, clear day for our first hike to Lower Yosemite Falls.  We gazed upward at the huge granite cliffs, star struck with their whiteness against the blue sky backdrop.  And then out of the corners of our eyes, we caught movement.  Just off to the left while we walked across the bridge, was a Mommy deer and her two babies.  The Mommy came over to look at us, and we breathlessly watched her.  Her babies came to her, and then they seemed to snuggle together.  Our daughter whispered, “This is so special.”  Yes, dear, yes it was.

Snuggling Deer

When we reached the Falls, what was usually flowing with water in the spring, was a huge bed of rocks.  My adventurous husband took the kids out to climb.  It sure is good they have a Daddy to take them out to do things that I would be too afraid to do.  They posed for pictures on the boulders four times their height with smug smiles that seemed to say, “Look what we’re doing, Mommy!”  And then a squirrel took his turn on the boulder and looked right at me for his portrait.

Photogenic Squirrel

We spent the night at Housekeeping Camp.  It was the kiddos first time sleeping outside in a tent.  With all the signs about not leaving food out because of bears, they were a little apprehensive about going to sleep.  We prayed, and they asked God for protection from the bears. Then, they fell asleep, all snuggled together in the same bed.

We awoke early the next morning to hike to Vernal Falls.  Well, I should say that I intended that we hike to the bridge to view the falls.  Hiking up 1000 feet with three kids didn’t seem that feasible.  We got to the bridge, and as we gazed at the waterfall, a blue bird landed on a tree near us.  This Stellar’s Jay bird was spectacular!  It looked right at us and then flew towards the falls.  My oldest begged, “Please, please, please can we climb farther?”  What could I say but yes, as we followed the bird onward.

Stellar's Jay Bird

We stopped at the base of the stairs and admired the view.  Upwards was the waterfall, around us the cliffs, downward the memories of how far we had come as a family.  From sneezes to snuggles and going farther than we thought possible, we had indeed had an adventure.

Vernal Falls


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To learn more about the author, visit Jenny Klouse.   She enjoys being in nature with her family since she learns about God through His creation.


To make your own memorable adventure, visit Yosemite National Park.

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