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Last edited on: February 28, 2014.

We all have one. “I don’t have enough funding.” Or “I’m not good enough.” Or “My spouse doesn’t support me.” Or “I don’t have enough time.” There are millions of excuses that keep us from accomplishing that one big thing we’re destined to do with our lives. My excuse is that I didn’t get good advice early in my career. Heck – my dad was fantastic, but he was a pastor in the South who knew absolutely nothing about media, entertainment, writing, or creativity. And I didn’t know anyone who did.

So what? It’s time to move on. I can’t keep using that excuse forever.

What’s yours? What’s the excuse you use at parties, or with friends, or with your spouse to cover for the fact that you haven’t fulfilled your dream? Whatever it is, I can tell you they’re tired of hearing about it.

Sure you might be late getting started, have less expertise than others, don’t have any money, not live in Hollywood, experienced a tragedy, or need a day job. But whatever your excuse is, throughout history, there are people who have overcome many more challenges, obstacles, and adversities.

Tell you what: I’ll dump my excuse if you’ll dump yours. And maybe together, in spite of our shortcomings, we might just be able to accomplish something wonderful.

Now – I told you mine so let’s go around the room and get it out. What’s your excuse?



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For more than 30 years, Phil Cooke has helped nonprofits find their purpose and is now applying this experience to individuals: “During a long career in the media business I’ve talked to hundreds of writers, producers, directors, designers, executives, and other professionals and discovered that in most cases, one thing is all it takes to launch a project or dream.”

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