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Last edited on: July 11, 2014.

Persecuted, a political thriller, brings us into a world where hostility towards the Bible is so acute that Christians must be silenced – a world not unlike our own, a scary peek at how things could turn out even in America.

Persecuted features an all-star cast, which includes Fred Thompson (Days of ThunderLaw & Order), James Remar (X-MenDjango Unchained), Bruce Davison (X-MenLost), and Gretchen Carlson (Fox News) as well as singer Natalie Grant in her acting debut. Natalie plays the senator’s wife and shares her thoughts about Persecuted in an exclusive interview.


JD – Hi Natalie. Congrats on your acting debut as the Senator’s wife in the movie, Persecuted. You already light up the world with your music. Do you see acting as another expression of your God-given, artistic creativity?

NG – To be honest, I never planned on acting. I never even took a drama class in school. But this door opened up to me, it was an interesting script and something I had neve r done before so I was thrilled to be a part.


The official poster for "Persecuted"; Photo Courtesy of Daniel Lusko.

JD – What was your first response to the script of Persecuted? Did it hit a nerve?

NG – My first reaction was that it was nice to see a faith-based thriller script. It was different from other Christian based movies I’d seen before.

JD – Do you feel this movie holds an important message for us today?

NG – This movie is not a political campaign, it’s just a political thriller. But at the same time, we are living in interesting and unprecedented times, and the thought that the government might try to control what pastors say from the pulpit is no longer such a far-fetched idea.

Award winning singer Natalie Grant appears in her debut role as the wife of fugitive John Luther. Photo courtesy of Media One LLC

JD – We know that Satan hates truth and that he’s out to try to silence Christians. As a Christian artist, to what measure have you faced resistance to the message you bring?

NG – I face constant opposition from people who don’t understand what I do and what I stand for. I also think that Christians are often so misrepresented in the media as people of judgment, rules and hate. That’s what the enemy wants the world to think we are about. But Jesus is love and grace and peace, and my prayer had always been that my life would be a reflection of that.

JD – Thank you Natalie. We look forward to seeing and hearing more from you in the future.

So what is Persecuted about? Renowned evangelist, John Luther, tries to preach the straight and narrow but is frequently confronted by liberal politicians urging him to compromise his faith to please the masses. Refusing to kowtow in cowardice and relinquish his freedom of speech, Luther soon finds himself the victim of a conspiracy set in motion by a corrupt senator. He is then framed for the murder of a teenage girl.

Forced to run for his life, Luther is nonetheless bent on exposing those involved in the deadly plot that caused the death of the innocent girl. The evangelist turned fugitive embraces a new mission-to combat the onslaught of persecution that seeks to wipe out the Christian community in America.

Releasing on July 18th, Persecuted holds a PG-13 rating and is a One Media film written and directed by Daniel Lusko and distributed by Millennium Entertainment.


Find out more about Persecuted at the Official Website

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Janey DeMeo is founder and director of Orphans First — a nonprofit organization helping suffering children around the world. She is also an author and speaker. Her husband, Louis, is a church-planter, mentor and pastor. They were formerly missionaries to France for 22 years and also worked in developing countries. They are now based in Southern California where they continue their ministry mentoring people to walk closer to Jesus

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