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Last edited on: March 9, 2015.

Richard McIntosh, who has worked in broadcasting for many years and until recently was General Manager of the KWVE Radio Network and KWVE 107.9 FM, is facing the great battle of his life.

His doctor has confirmed that he has pancreatic cancer.

“On the afternoon of July 16th I began to experience abdominal pain. I have never experienced pain that bad before,” he said. “My wife, Peg, took me to the hospital. The initial diagnosis was that my gallbladder needed to come out. There is a history of that in my family so things did not seem out of line.

“The next morning I was taken to surgery and the doctors discovered that there was a mass constricting the duct coming from my gallbladder. A stint was put in to get the gallbladder functioning. The mass was sampled and it came back positive for cancer. The diagnosis is pancreatic cancer.

“I am now a cancer patient. My hope and trust are in The Lord.”

Richard and Peg McIntosh; Photo Courtesy of Dan Wooding.

Once the news was announced on his Facebook page, there were many messages of support for Richard.

Wayne Shepherd, a veteran radio broadcaster with over 40 years of experience as a programming manager and radio host, wrote, “My wife and I both go back to knowing Richard in college together where we all worked in radio. We’re praying and pulling for you, Richard!”

Worship leader, Kathy Wright Gipson, stated, “Prayer is going up for you Richard – we love you and will continue to believe in a miracle of healing!”

McIntosh then posted, “The outpouring of support was a little overwhelming but so appreciated. The doctors will start me on chemotherapy and I see that doctor next week to start the process of getting rid of this pancreatic cancer. Keep praying my friends.”


If you would like to send Richard McIntosh a message of support, please write to:

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