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Last edited on: February 12, 2015.

Faith Driven Consumer™ – the group behind the movement which played a leading role in Phil Robertson’s return to Duck Dynasty, the #OpenZilla campaign for workplace tolerance at Mozilla – continues to track the commercial viability of major Hollywood films courting faith audiences as part of its self-proclaimed 2014 “Year of the Bible Movie.”

The organization’s Faith-Friendly Film Ratings use five specific criteria to measure the faith-compatibility of entertainment products aimed at the 46 million Americans who are Faith Driven Consumers.

When the Game Stands Tall, the Sony/TriStar Pictures inspirational film on the end of the record-setting 151-game winning streak at De La Salle High School of Concord, California, rates a faith-friendly 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Watch the trailer here:

When The Game Stands Tall is an uplifting and unapologetically faith-based film that is going to do well with Faith Driven Consumers who resonate deeply with the uniquely American themes of faith, family and football,” said Chris Stone, Certified Brand Strategist and Founder of Faith Driven Consumer.

“The film’s producers have done an outstanding job of successfully weaving wholesome and positive messages about marriage, family, brotherhood, character, integrity, teamwork, self-sacrifice, humility and perseverance that are consistent with core biblical teachings. The 46 million people we represent, who spend $1.75 trillion annually, will be eager to spend their hard-earned dollars on this and other entertainment choices that welcome and respect their values and worldview – and therefore bring strong value to them.”

On the line: Offensive line play often made the difference; Photo Courtesy of Rusty Wright.

Faith Driven Consumer’s Faith-friendly Film Ratings are based on five core criteria: Overall Faith and/or Biblical Relevance; Faith-compatible Depiction of Characters and Character Relationships; Faith-compatible Depiction of Situations, Family Viewing Suitability; and Entertainment Value.

The Sony/TriStar Pictures film When The Game Stands Tall rated 4.5, 4.5, 4.5, 4, and 4.5 in each of the above categories for a total rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5, making it a must-see for faith-driven audiences.


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